Message from Katsuya Takasu,M.D,.Ph.D  "Encouraging Positive Thinking"

Cosmetic surgery has become more popular than ever. This is a truly pleasing social phenomenon for me, since I have made great efforts and devoted my whole life to the prosperity of cosmetic surgery. Through the thorny path of cosmetic surgery, those who constantly encouraged me were my patients who gained beauty, youthfulness and most importantly "positive thinking." It is my task to encourage positive thinking by the means of cosmetic surgery.

In order to improve Japan's cosmetic surgery, I have traveled all over the world to learn the state-of-the-art techniques. I have also invented numerous cosmetic surgery procedures. Although not so many people may know this, I invented the so-called "Quick Double Eyelid Surgery," which is quite common among Asian patients. I originated ultrasonic liposuction and autologous fat transplantation that contributed to more efficiency and less invasion of the patients. I feel very delighted that a countless number of men and women in the world are gaining beauty and confidence by these cosmetic procedures.

Looking back in the past, however, there used to be a strong prejudice against cosmetic surgery. In an effort to foster understanding of cosmetic surgery, I have tried my very best publicizing the positive effects of cosmetic surgery by the means of mass media. The audience sometimes took me for a TV talent or doubted that I actually performed surgeries. As far as I know, I am nothing else but a cosmetic surgeon. I have been performing cosmetic surgeries to meet the needs and satisfaction of all the patients who open the door to Takasu Clinic. At the same time, I feel responsible to educate and bring up superior staff members.

It is my life-long task to encourage positive thinking, so that everybody can lead a full life with great confidence in him/herself.