Katsuya Takasu,M.D,.Ph.D  Rejuvenation of Myself

I have undergone facial rejuvenation surgery on myself. The procedure was traditional face-lift with SMAS plication, liposuction of the neck and the cheeks and subcutaneous forehead rhytidectomy with the anterior hairline incision. The frontal muscles were left untreated. The skin incision was made in a beveled fashion along the hairline of the frontal and temporal region. To further correct the elongated forehead, the hair-bearing skin excised in the postauricular region was recycled as single hair grafts, which were transplanted into dissected forehead skin at the same time. This made the scars inconspicuous and created a natural, youthful hairline. The outcome from these procedures was suberb with the disappearance of the wrinkles and the firmness of the skin. For further rejuvenation and prevention of the recurrence, the removal of the buccal fat pad and gold thread implants in the jaw were performed. Phenol peel also contributed to the firmness of the skin. I have rejuvenated myself by 15 years. I will demonstrate all the rejuvenation procedures that I underwent and their outcomes.

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